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Beach Camping Packing List – Must Haves! Read Here!

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When you’re beach camping, the last thing you want to do is forget something important.

We’ve put together this comprehensive beach camping packing list to help you remember everything you’ll need for a successful trip. 

We’ve got you covered, from tents and sleeping bags to food and sunscreen! So don’t forget anything on your next beach camping trip – print out this beach camping checklist and pack it with you!

10 Must-haves Beach Camping Items

Beach camping is one of the most relaxing things you can do. But there are certain items you should bring with you to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Here are ten essential items every camper needs to pack.

1. Water Bottle

Bring plenty of water with you to the beach. If you don’t drink enough water, you may suffer dehydration. Dehydration causes headaches and fatigue.

It’s important to drink water regularly during your beach vacation. Make sure you bring a bottle of water to refill throughout the day.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for any beach outing. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen generously to exposed areas such as your face, neck, arms, legs, feet, and back.

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out into the sun. Apply sunscreen again after swimming or sweating. And reapply sunscreen frequently throughout the day.

Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours. This helps protect against burning.

3. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is another essential item to bring to the beach. It contains bandages, antiseptic cream, gauze pads, tweezers, scissors, tape, and antibiotic ointment.

Make sure you include these items in your first aid kit. They can come in handy if you get hurt while playing sports or hiking.

4. Towels

Towels are another must-have item for beach trips. Bring several travel towels so you can use them as needed.

Use a paper towel to wipe down tables and chairs, clean up spills, and dry off after swimming.

5. Snacks

Pack snacks for yourself and your family members. These snacks can be anything from granola bars to trail mix.

Snacking between meals is recommended to prevent hunger pangs.

Keep in mind that you need to eat three times per day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These are the essentials every camper needs to take on their next beach vacation.

6. A Good Book

Reading is always a good way to relax and unwind. Reading a book on the beach is especially relaxing.

Choose books that are appropriate for children and adults alike. Choose fiction or nonfiction books.

7. A Camera

Taking pictures is a great way to capture special moments. Take lots of pictures of your kids and pets.

Take pictures of the scenery around you. Capture the beauty of nature.

8. A Portable Charger

Portable chargers are useful for keeping your electronics charged. Bring a portable charger with you to the beach to charge your phone, tablet, and laptop.

9. An Umbrella

An umbrella is a great addition to your beach bag. Use it to shade yourself from the sun.

10. A Cooler

Coolers are useful for storing food and drinks. Keep your cooler close to you at all times.

Don’t leave your cooler unattended. If you’re planning to swim, keep your cooler near the shoreline.

Cooking Gear

Cooking gear is another essential item to have when camping on the beach. You’ll need pots and pans, a stove, and utensils.

You’ll need cooking utensils to cook your meals. Bring a pot, pan, and spatula.

You’ll also need a stove to prepare hot meals. Bring a camp stove or grill. 

Food and Water

Food and water are very important. It would be best to drink plenty of water when you’re out in the heat. You also need to eat enough food to stay healthy. A soft-sided cooler is easier to carry than a hard-sided one.

A gallon of frozen water. When you need clean drinking water, you’ll be able to use the ice as a source. Your single-pot meals will help you prepare meals when you get there. The emphasis here is on single-pot meals that will reduce your cooking requirements.

Fresh supplies should be bought close to your campsite. You’ll want to buy tea bags and coffee before leaving your campsite.


When camping on the coast, you’ll want to wear clothing that protects you from the elements.

Wear clothes made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Wool is an excellent choice too.

Be careful not to overheat during the summer months. Wear lightweight clothing that allows air to circulate.

Bring comfortable shoes that won’t cause blisters.

Hats are needed to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your head from the heat and sunlight. You should wear shorts, shirts, and pants.

It would be best to buy the quick-drying types that will dry quickly. It would be best if you got t-shirts to protect you from the cold weather. Bring water shoes to protect your feet from sharp rocks and sea urchins in the water. What should you do if you step on a sea urchin?

Personal Items

Don’t forget your flip-flops, toothbrush, and toothpaste when going camping. You’ll need them if you’re planning on staying for a while. Also, bring a towel to dry off after taking a shower or swimming. Bring toilet paper. Bring sunscreen, lip balm, bug repellant, sunglasses, and a first aid kit.

Camping Accessories

If you plan to make fires, bring a fire starter and matches. You’ll need a shovel to dig a pit for making fires. You may also need a rake to clear away dead leaves and sticks.

A tent is useful for protecting yourself from the wind and rain. It can also provide shelter from the sun.

Use a ground cloth to cover the floor of your tent. This way, you’ll avoid getting wet when it rains.

Tent stakes should be long enough to hold up the tent. They shouldn’t be so short that they poke through the fabric.

Your tent should be large enough for two people. If you’re planning on having more than two people sleep in your tent, you should consider buying a larger tent.

Your sleeping bag should fit comfortably under your body. Please don’t choose a too-small bag because it might leak.

It would be best to have a pillowcase to keep your sleeping bag clean.

You should have at least three pairs of socks. One pair should be thick woolen ones. Another pair should be thin cotton ones. And the third pair should be nylon ones.

You should bring a flashlight and extra batteries.

First Aid Kit

Medications include aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, antihistamines, sinus meds, antacids, Imodium, epi-pen, bandage, medical tape, elastic wrap, saline solution, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, scissors, tweezers, safety pins, sting ease, snake bite kit, sewing kit, phone numbers of the local hospital, and emergency care.

Last words

Beach adventure isn’t just fun. It can also be dangerous. Be sure to follow these tips before heading out into the great outdoors.

Remember: Don’t forget anything! It’s easy to forget small items like batteries, so make sure you have extras. If you forget something, you can always find it at home.

Have fun!

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