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Baby Vacation Packing List (Check it Out!)

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A baby vacation packing list should include common baby items diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, pacifiers, clothing, toys, books, blankets, foldable stroller, cribs, your baby’s favorite car seat, baby carrier, inflatable baby bath, foldable baby chair and other items. If you plan to go on a cruise ship, bring a portable travel crib for when you arrive at port.

The Essential Baby Travel Packing List

Before you panic about forgetting something for the plane, the hotel, or the beach, take a deep breath and relax. We’ve thought through everything you’ll need for traveling with a baby, including diaper bag essentials, in-flight essentials, and more. Prepare a checklist for baby travel necessities and make sure to include the items below:


You can never have too many of these! Pack extra ones that are sized for newborns (0-3 months) and smaller sizes for infants (4-6 months). Also pack some fitted cloth diapers for nighttime use.


These are great for cleaning up spills and messes. They’re also handy if your little one is teething. Make sure to pack extras like wet/dry wipes, hand sanitizer, and lotion.


This is a must-pack for babies who don’t eat breastmilk. It’s important to always keep a bottle of water nearby while out and about.


For those times when you’re not able to nurse your child, it’s good to know how to change a bottle yourself. Don’t forget to pack drinking water, an extra set of nipples and baby bottles as well.


Babies love sucking on things and this is especially true during travel. Keep a few extra pacifiers in your bag just in case.


Pack clothes that will fit both you and your baby. Bring a couple of outfits for each day of the trip so that you can mix and match. And make sure to pack a hat, socks, and shoes for everyone.


Little kids love playing with toys and they’re a great distraction from jet lag. Pack a variety of toys—from rattles to puzzles—that you can play together.


Reading aloud to your baby helps them learn new words and develop their language skills. Bring along a book or two from home that he or she has already enjoyed.


The best thing about a baby blanket is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Pack enough for every member of your family.


When you’re walking around town, it’s nice to be able to carry your baby without having to drag a heavy stroller behind you. Plus, there are plenty of places where you won’t want to walk with a baby. So make sure to pack a lightweight stroller.


A portable travel crib is convenient because they fold up easily and store away neatly. But if you do choose to bring a regular crib, make sure to pack a changing pad and mattress cover.

Car Seat

If you’re driving anywhere or going on road trips, it’s essential to make sure your baby is safely buckled into his or her seat. That means bringing a car seat and installing it properly before leaving home.

Traveling Accessories

There are lots of things you may need while traveling with a baby. Here are a few of our favorites: a baby monitor, collapsible high chair, a travel potty, a small cooler, a noise machine, a sleep sack, a nursing pillow, a changing mat, and a bib.

Other Items

Remember to pack any medications your baby needs, whether prescription or over-the-counter. Bring baby snacks and drinks for you and your family. Bring some additional item such as baby shampoo, baby toothpaste and baby travel gadgets. And finally, don’t forget to pack your camera!

More Essentials For Flying With An Infant

  • A baby passport is needed when traveling internationally. Parents must be present or have permission to travel with their child.
  • Custody and consent documents. You should carry a copy of your child’s birth certificate and written consent from the parents. For international travel, check with the U.S. Dept. of State’s website for special entry/exit requirements.
  • You can get a free airplane bassinet if you’re flying internationally. However, there’s only one bassinet per plane, so you’ll need to be careful about when you book your trip. Also, some planes won’t allow you to use the fold-up travel bassinet because of space issues.
  • Goodie bags are useful for traveling with children. Parents should be aware that babies’ behavior may be unpredictable. Bringing snack items such as candy or ear plugs may help calm a child who is fussy.

Travel Tips When Traveling With A Baby

If you’re planning to fly with your baby, it’s important to know what to expect. There are certain things you need to prepare ahead of time for easy adjustment to vacation life. Here are some tips:

  • Bring plenty of baby food, snacks and drinks for the flight. Snacks like fruit juice, cheese sticks, crackers, nuts and raisins will satisfy your little one. Make sure to pack enough food for everyone on board.
  • Make sure to bring a change of baby clothes. It’s good to have something that fits him/her for the first couple of days after birth. This way, he/she doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
  • Bring a diaper bag for your baby. It will save you the trouble of looking for a changing table every time you need to use the restroom.
  • Pack a bottle warmer and a container of formula. It’s helpful for keeping your baby warm and full.
  • Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes for yourself. You may get hungry and thirsty while traveling, so make sure to pack enough food and water for yourself.
  • Take your own pillow. Your baby might sleep better if you give him/her his/her own pillow.
  • Keep your baby away from noisy people. Noise disturbs babies and it’s hard to fall asleep when there’s noise around.
  • Don’t let your baby cry too long. Babies need to eat, drink and play. They won’t stop crying just because you’ve been sitting in the plane for hours.
  • Keep your baby close to you. He/she needs to be held all the time.
  • Try to avoid using headphones. The sound of music can disturb your baby.
  • Avoid carrying your baby on your lap. Your baby might fall off your lap onto the floor.
  • Avoid giving your baby too many liquids. Liquids can cause diarrhea.
  • Always put your baby down to sleep on a flat surface.
  • Never leave your baby alone in a moving vehicle.
  • Always try to stay calm and relaxed. Stress can affect your baby’s health.
  • Do not feed your baby before takeoff.
  • When you land, take your baby out of the aircraft immediately.
  • Most flights offer breastfeeding rooms where you can breastfeed your baby without disturbing others.
  • Give your baby a bath once they’re home.

Importance of Travel Insurance When Traveling With A Baby

Parents should buy travel insurance because babies get sick. Travel insurance helps parents if they have to cancel trips due to illness or injuries.

Emergency medical benefits, emergency transportation benefits, and other important travel services are available for infants. It also protects you from losing money if you lose your luggage or other valuables. But it won’t pay for things like lost work time, missed flights, or hotel bills.


Try to pack as light as possible for your next family trip. Remember that your family is going to need a lot of stuff during family vacation. Bring everything you think your family will need for the duration of the trip.

If you’re planning to fly with your baby, remember to check individual airline requirement and policies regarding infant safety. Also, read more about how to prepare for your baby’s arrival.

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